The Lukewarm (rightplaces) wrote in real_fashion,
The Lukewarm

Can anyone identify this Chloe bag for me?

So, I've recently developed an obsession with Chloe handbags, but since I'm a poor college student, there's little chance of me making enough money to buy one anytime soon. While I know eBay is a horrible place to buy authentic bags, I'm holding out a little bit of hope that I can find a nice, real, possibly used bag. Today, while wasting time on the internet, I came across

bag. Since the seller didn't specify which bag it was and it looks pretty unfamiliar to me, I'm wondering if any of you can let me know what it is so I can find more information/try to tell if it's a fake. I've emailed the seller, but I'm both impatient and a little skeptical of eBay merchants' trustworthiness, so if any of you have any information for me, that would be wonderful. I'm assuming it's not from a recent collection, but I'm not an expert. Thanks!
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